Advanced Dental Solutions Inc.

MarK G. Williams DDS & Dale Burke DDS


Here at Advanced Dental Solutions Inc., our emphasis is in the field of Prosthodontics:  a field of dentistry specializing in esthetic and cosmetic restoring and replacement of teeth with optimum appearance, comfort, and function to your smile.


Dr. Mark G. Williams
Dr. Dale Burke

   Advanced Dental Solutions, Inc.
4450 Cordova St.
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The particular features of this specialty include:

     *  Full mouth reconstruction

     *  Restoring implants

     *  Crowns and bridges

     *  Rehabilitation of occlusion

     *  Temporal-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD)

     *  Oral Cancer reconstruction

     *  Fabrication of Partial Dentures

     *  Fabrication of Cosmetic Dentures

     *  Veneers and “Smile Designs”

     *  Comprehensive dentistry including fillings and cleanings

We have our own In - Office Lab which allows us:

     *  Excellent quality control

     *  Faster completion time of your treatment

     *  Improved patient interaction with process of esthetics     

         and function                        

Dr. Williams, Dr. Burke and our team enjoy doing dentistry together.  With years of experience and dedication to their patients  - you will feel well taken care of.

“I have been putting off my dentistry for many years - Dr. Williams took such good care of my wife,  I decided the time was right for myself.  Everyone there exudes a confidence and calmness that made me feel very comfortable.”

~ Randy B.

“Dr. Williams and his team have such a great chair-side manner and are very fast and efficient.  I was amazed how they transformed my new beautiful smile in such a short time!  I can’t stop smiling!”

~ Barbara H.